H2S Systems
Vent Gas Sweetener
Custom Packaged Solutions

Baxter’s H2S Scavenging Systems

Baxter’s H2S Scavenging Systems are custom designed for safe and cost-effective H2S removal at the wellsite. Our project lead, Cory Bacon, has extensive H2S mitigation design and expertise to assist you with a custom H2S Scavenging System that is best suited to your operations.

Key benefits and features:

  • Automated process controls and redundant pumps ensure on-spec gas and optimal efficiency
  • Continuous injection without the downtime associated with batched or single-use sweetening
  • All piping enclosed in an insulated, heated building to eliminate freeze-ups
  • Single-skid design saves on installation costs
  • Designed to limit operator’s exposure to chemical

For more information, please call 403-279-6800.

Vent Gas Sweetener

Available as stand-alone units or integrated into tank separator packages

  • Uses Triazene or other H2S Scavenging Chemical to remove H2S
  • Compact for ease of Installation
  • Designed to allow the removal of H2S exceeding 20%
  • Improves odors for nearby neighbors

Custom Packaged Solutions

The team at Baxter’s has the expertise and flexibility to engineer and deliver a variety of other custom package solutions, including:

  • Metering packages—LACT units
  • Separators
  • Pump packages
  • Header packages